22 December, 2012

Captcha entry job is a partime data entry job



Captcha entry job

Captcha entry job is a easy part time job.You can earn by captcha entry job. A easy way-earn by captcha entry job.
captcha entry job image

For example http://www.megatypers.com is a captcha entry job sites to earn.You are not allowed to join Megatypers captcha job without invitation code.Some code I managed for you are IQN or IQN to register at megatypers captcha entry job.
Here you will learn captcha entry job step by step.You will get free captcha entry job too.To learn and get captcha enty job go through below:
First of all you need an email ID. then an Alertpay account.To get your captcha entry job earnings open Alertpay
Then go to Megatypers captcha job (Invitation code IQN or IQ5 is mandatory) or captcha entry job to register on captcha entry job. New to captcha entry job?You may learn too:

Requirement for captcha entry job:

  • A computer or smart mobile phone
  • A 24 hours high speed internet connection
  • A worker willing to work hard

Captcha entry job project:
More than six months/ongoing
Rate:0.85 to 1.50 $ for 1k captcha entry
Payment: After reaching the minimum payout

24 November, 2012

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Now you can get cash money by withdrawing liberty reserve as usual as flexi-loads too. Now in Bangladesh banking system has been improved and you can get your taka easily from home. Dutch Bangla Mobile Bank, Bkash bring this opportunity for all. Now there are some online dollar businessmen in Bangladesh who buy and sell dollar and exchange money via DBBL and Bkash. You can sell dollars to them and get cash taka.

I have sold liberty dollars two-three times to them. However you need minimum amount in your account to sell. You cannot sell 5 dollar or 1 dollar, because they do not want to buy small amount. Then what should you do if you have a small amount?

Don’t worry dear. I will help you. You can sell your small amount of dollar to me. It is your own decision how much to sell. You may contact me if you are earning from megatypers but cannot sell liberty reserve or feeling tension how will you sell 3 dollar. I think it is good news. Also I confirm those who are working with my invitation codes can get taka directly from me just transferring to my liberty account. A recent dollar selling memo screen is attached on this post which amounts to 15.25 which I gathered from small earners.

08 May, 2012

What is captcha entry job

How get captcha entry job,do captcha entry

What is captcha entry job?

Captcha entry job is nothing but re-writing or typing task what you see.Captcha are coded images that cointain text and you have to enter the captcha text on a box.Bigger company need to handle many many online account.So they handle those automatically via program or application to save time,cost and workforce.

But on the internet servers allow only human but not program to prevent spam or abuse.Sites verify users by asking to verify captcha image,Which I think you have done while creating gmail,yahoo,facebook and other online account.The captcha images only can be solved by human but not by program.So the companies will pay you for your captcha entry or captcha solve.

Get captcha entry job and earn money from home

How get captcha entry job,do captcha entry

Where will get captcha entry job?

To get captcha entry job, you have to apply on some project,on various sites. When the captcha entry job provider will approve you or send you username and password then you can do captcha entry job


It is fully controlled by provider and risky for you. But you can get your own captcha entry job from Captcha typing job or captcha entry job without applying or getting approved. Become the own boss on captcha entry job.Just register on Captcha typing job

Note:You may be cheated by someone for doing captcha entry job.Because you do not know him but do captcha entry job.You may search on search engine and get many catcha entry job provider,They may ask you to email them for captcha entry job.Okay you will get password and username,do captcha entry job according to them but will not get paid.You also may be offered captcha enry job on differnt freelancing sites.Employer will asked you to do captcha entry job outside of the freelancing sites for earning money or taking test to won a project of them,so that they can cheat your captcha entry earning.

How to do captcha entry job via web browsers

How to do captcha entry job,do captcha entry

How to do captcha entry job?

Captcha entry job nothing but entering some text e,g. a to z,0 to 9. Please login to your account using user name and password and click on start or workplace.

When you will start captcha entry job you will get some image,you have to rewrite the text on a box under the image just like you done while creating gmail,yahoo,facebook,bing,hotmail account and press enter to submit.

So it is called image typing job too.Captcha entry job may be done on the web-browser or via application.

Different captcha entry sites require different method. Captcha entry sites I told you provide both via web-browser and application captcha entry. But it is more faster via application or plugin captcha entry. You will get captcha entry software after your login if you want to solve catcha images via software.

captcha entry job how much pay?

Captcha entry job how much pay?

Captcha entry job how much pay?


Captcha entry sites pay as basis per captcha images entered.Rates are not same in all Captcha entry sites.Captcha trader,I told,will pay you 1.00 dollar per thousand captcha image entry you have done.And Megatypers pay 0.85 to 1.50 dollar per 1000 captcha image you have typed.Rate on megatypers depend on hours of the day.

Some captcha entry sites count your entry and some other captcha entry sites count point per captcha entry and convert the point into cash.As one entry do not make you much money so your earning balance wil be updated after a period of 10 minutes. But captcha entry site I told update your earnings instantanly.And that megatypers update your captcha earnings every 10 mins.

Captcha entry sites when pay?

Captcha entry sites will pay when you will reach minimum payout.Captcha trader, I told pay at minimum 1.00 Dollar.And megatypers will pay when you will earn 3.00$.

Data entry job is the major online earning source

Data entry jobs are major source of online earning

Data entry job is the major online earning source

Data entry job means mainly captcha entry job,database entry,spreadsheet entry,entry to one server to another,entry to one form to another i.e form filling job.

This entry jobs are great income source via online.You can make much earning from entry jobs.Data entry jobs are now available on different online marketplace or outsourcing platform.You can register there and may get different data entry job.As for get data entry job on entry job on odesk